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Photography Studio

Vermont winters are long and dark. Since my day job consumes most of the daylit hours, I often come home in the winter in the dark. It's depressing at times, but worse? I have to wait until my busy weekends to photograph my products. Bummer! I finally decided to purchase a lightbox and some studio lights from Amazon. It arrived yesterday, and while it's a little rickety, it will work beautifully. I had to do a little tweaking of the pictures on, but I think ultimately this will work out really well for me as an interim light source.

Here's the set up in my art studio. The picture looked a lot brighter on my camera screen, but it's a little dim here. I wonder if it's my monitor settings. Hmm....
Here's the pig before tweaking on

And after adjusting the light balance. Again, I think my monitor may be funny, so if the first one looks better than the second one, let me know!

And it just so happens that this little piggie is available for sale in my shop today!

All in all, I'm happy with the result. It sure beats having to wait several days every time I finish a Plumpie. Oof!

Hope your day is bright today!


  1. Do you have tungsten light bulbs in the lamps? That usually helps.


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