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Shop Update!

I have a little collection of newly listed items in my Etsy Shop! It's almost too much cute in one place.

Sneaky Peak

Shop update on Monday!

Shop Update on Monday

Okay! I have a photoshoot scheduled on Sunday in my best friend's lovely sunroom. I will list three, possibly four, new creatures on Monday and will do a blog post to let everyone know!

I'll be listing a giraffe, a panda, a sleeping fox (he's really cute! My favorite one thus far...), and a fat brown bear. Maybe a bunny? I did a lot of stabbing last night.

I hope you all have a beautiful autumn weekend! Keep smiling!

Inspiration can be complicated, eh?

I've received a few private messages asking about my art/shop/life and I thought I'd do a quick update. I know the holidays are coming and this could be a wonderful time for my shop. I think there a few reasons I've been on an art hiatus lately, mostly due to personal events in my life and helping my best friend get ready for her wedding (which was this past Saturday). I've had a few health issues that I'm attending to, and at the end of the day, I've been relishing going to bed really early.

I'm currently smack dab in the middle of a large commission, a small commission, an even smaller commission, and another large commission due around Christmas. Mystery mystery! However, I do have a few creatures waiting to be photographed - a bear, a giraffe, and a sleeping fox. I'm hoping for ten minutes of sunshine to get good shots of my little friends, and listings should be forthcoming.

I hope you are all smiling and doing well …

Chirping Crickets

They're such a lovely sound, but not on a blog. I am feeling like myself again and have been needle felting for the last couple of days. I'm working on a giraffe, a big brown bear, and a sleeping fox. I hope to list them (and anything else I can muster) in my shop on Monday. My mom said to me that every time she looks at my shop, it seems like I'm on vacation. I felt kind of depressed at this and realized that my little shop is very important to me and I feel bad that I haven't been creating for it.

I hope everyone is doing well and I'm going to try to do more posting on here. In the meantime, the blogs listed on my sidebar have not only been active, but have been truly inspiring. Go take a look!!!!