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You may have noticed a long and uncreative silence. My life has been, in a nutshell, in complete turmoil for months. Without getting into too much detail, there's been little impetus for joy, creation, inspiration, or art. I have missed Etsy, my blog, all of my favorite blogs and artists, and it feels as if I've pulled away from a world that is as much my home as any place. It's really sad to go into my art room and see projects half-finished that I haven't touched for nearly six months. It's painful to pick them up when my heart's not in it and move forward with them. Art is an expression of soul, so what do I do when my soul is sad and confused? It seems that pigs and bunnies don't quite spring from my fingertips with the ease they once used to. I miss them, too.

My goal at this point is to just try to create something. Not for sale. Not for Etsy. But for the act of generating something of beauty from within my personal choas. My hope is to bring levity an…