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Barn Owl

During my one hour lunch break, I'm pretty much able to get the bare bones of a creature in place. The detail work takes much longer, but the general shape can be pulled together in about an hour. This is a huge step forward for me. I've broken three of my tiny felting needles now, and have more on the way from an etsy seller in Canada. I sort of feel naked without them...*CRY*

I have always loved Barn Owls. They have a particularly ghostly beauty and presence about them. I saw one once in a tree in the middle of the city and was saddened that it was so out of place. I hope someday to live somewhere near owls. I'm hoping to finish this little guy today.

Tomorrow I'll finish my photographs and should be opening my shop on Monday. I'm really nervous and excited. I have so many beautiful little friends to share with the world and so many more in my imagination to make.

Koala Bears

I have finally begun to take pictures of my work in preparation to open the shop. It looks like I'll have my first round of sales up by Friday, February 26th. This is much later than I had originally anticipated, but setting up a full Etsy shop is HARD WORK!

I currently have about 20 wool creatures and 25 vintage items that I will be listing over the next couple of weeks. I've been working on some new creations including Koala Bears and Hedgehogs!!! The hedgehogs are made with dyed Corriedale locks and are a hoot to make. Here's a little sampling:

and some Koala Bears that are still a few stabs away from perfection:

All in all, everything is going fairly smoothly. I keep perusing Goodwill and local thrift stores for vintage, animal-related items. I know I'm not the only one out there with a penchant for ceramic deer from the 1970's. I'm glad to be on the lookout for others in Etsyland with a Cute Addiction.

I will be so thrilled to open the shop officially. What a…

Really, Really Close!

If anyone were reading this, I would say to them that I am so very close to posting all of my items on the etsy shop. I have been up to my elbows in art, but getting all the finishing touches done is very time consuming.


* I am buying a computer with my tax return, which means I will be mobile and able to sync my camera with a personal computer rather than work computer on my lunch break. Having accessibility to a computer at home will have a huge impact on my blogging and shopkeeping.

* In January I joined the Burlington City Arts Clay Studio. I have been making ceramic acorns, mythical beasts (0kay, animals that were supposed to look like real animals and don't), and an exciting surprise creature that will integrate clay and wool! I'm getting ready to bisque my pieces for the first time and then glaze them and watch the magical transformation of mud into art. I can't wait to post pictures! The cats are always trying to eat the clay at home, so I think I'll …