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September is like Christmas for me. I have many family members and friends who have birthdays this month, so the needle-felting has gone a lot more slowly than I initially anticipated. Also, I've been kind of slacking on photographing the whole process - something I'm hoping to remedy when I have a little more life energy.

For my birthday (mid-September), my husband, sister, and I went to the New England Aquarium and on a whale watch. I fell in love with some Harbor Seals in front of the Aquarium and came home to stab out some plumpy seals. They need some finishing touches, but boy are they cute. I realized that any creature with a layer of blubber is tops in my book.

Pictures soon? I hope.

Stabbin' and Slicin'

After a delightful (sunny) long weekend spent with family, I feel recouperated enough to take up the stabbing again. Unfortunately, I sliced off some of my finger last night on a vegetable manolin, and this will put a small dent in production. It's hard to want to needlefelt when you're tired, as the incidence of stabbing one's self in the thumb with a barbed needled increases tenfold.

I finally figured out the close-range lens on the camera, making it breezier to take fantastic pictures of the plumpies. I'm also finding that each plumpy is different - as it should be. No two will ever be exactly alike. This pleases me greatly.

I'm going to work on getting pictures up this week of my works-in-progress!!!!