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Spreading My Wings

It seems like the dark days are a heavy blanket draping over us - and all I've wanted to do is snuggle and sleep. Fortunately, I've been pushing through my seasonal sleepiness and working on my felt creatures. Lately though, I've been wanting to do more sculptural (ie: lifelike) pieces - leaning away from whimsy and more towards elegance.

...speaking of elegance...

I've been inspired lately by the artwork on the blogs I love. I adore the autumn/winter woodland aesthetic and want to branch out some of my designs. I will still be making cute and cuddly fuzzbombs, but will be introducing some new things soon as well.

Also, I have some big news for my Etsy shop! For anyone who's ever wanted to learn how to felt your own adorable creatures, keep an eye out around the new year for DIY kits in some of my more popular designs. I'm super excited to send out some test kits to fellow needle felters and newbies to the craft for their feedback. Their wisdom will help to make these kits perfect for you!

I hope to sketch, blog, sew, felt, sculpt, and paint this wintry season!

Lastly - there's going to be another shop update on Monday. Some little hoots (owls) will be available as well as some creatures you've never seen before!


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