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Commence drooling!

I finally have a week off from my day job all next week. I am going to completely disconnect from the internet, computers, phones, and any sign of technology. I will be doing the following:

* needle felting

* drooling a little

* needle felting

* eating cake with my lovely friends because September 18th is my 31st BIRTHDAY! (my kind friend Erin is hosting the party at her house - so I don't even have to clean for it!)

* going to the New England Aquarium to visit my friends the harbor seals (favorite animal, by the way)

* doing outside things like canoeing, bird watching, nature tours, tubing on a river (can you say cold tush?)

* doing inside things like BRUNCH at my favorite brunch place (Sneakers in Winooski) and baking pies and learning how to roast a turkey (not kidding - I'm clueless!)

* RELAXING (hugely important)

* eating more cake

I hope everyone has a marvelous week. September is my favorite month!


  1. Happy Birthday in advance! I wish you have a wonderful break and lots and lots of fun! September is my favorite month too! Big hugs my friend! xoxo :)

  2. Hope your birthday week is wonderful~ and that your year is even better! We love Sept., too~ both of our children are born in September and our wedding anniversary :)
    Your plans sound perfect!


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