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Seals & Sensibility

My birthday week was wonderful - and while I wish I could say I'm returning to work and crafting revived, refreshed, rested, and a lot of other "r" words, the truth is I'm still burnt out. I had a lot of little revelations (another lovely "R" word) over the last week or so, and one of the major ones is that I have some revamping to do to align my life with my ideals and values. While I'm working this stuff out, I offer a photograph of my favorite creatures on earth: Harbor Seals. My husband and I went to the New England Aquarium in Boston for my birthday and spent many hours hanging out with the harbor seals. They make me brilliantly happy. I found this lovely picture on the aquarium's website. Some of the seals had a birthday and got a "cake." The cake was really just a block of ice with fish and squid in it. I just love this picture so much.

I always wind down a little when fall hits. I think it's a natural thing - to suddenly feel the need to preserve energy and resources. I'm going to put together a blog post with more pictures from my week's adventures, but for now, I hope everyone is smiling and enjoying the weather.


  1. Thank you for sharing such a sweet and adorable photo of the most yummy cake! Glad you're taking time... with every season change it is nice to have a shift in thoughts, creative projects etc.
    Hope your days are bright and colorful!


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