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I Think I Can...I Think I Can...

I have been very, very slow these past weeks. I haven't been able to create a single creature, and my art room looks like a tornado ripped through it. Summer is dwindling and I'll be seeing some relief from busy-ness soon.

My husband had some very rough stomach issues - and we had a late night in the E.R. followed by lots of doctor's appointments and lots of worrying. My break ended up extending far beyond what I imagined it would be...and now I find myself in a sort of limbo. I'm not feeling inspired to create, and in fact, the opposite has happened. I've been away from my art and shop for so long that I'm feeling ashamed and nervous to pick it all back up again. Does this happen to anyone else?

I know I need to settle down with some felting needles and just begin again. Slowly. I need to remember that my Etsy shop isn't my source of sustenance, and thus, it can be fun, nourishing, and fulfilling to my soul. I think I've focused too much on the business aspect of my art.

So, here's to creating. Here's to a rainy impending weekend and long afternoons of stabbing and shaping and falling in love with whatever shape takes form in my hands.


  1. Sorry you have been having a hard time. Hope your husband is okay. Yes, the earlier part of the summer was a complete breakdown in creative work for me. I had some personal issues that were going on that I think just drained me - similar to what you describe here. I would say just pick something up and begin again. It will fall together I'm sure!

  2. I definately have this feeling from time to time and it's understandable if you have had stressful things going on. I agree with Lovely World, just pick up your needles, try not to think about it, just start felting and the rest will just flow! I hope your hubby gets well soon.

    Debbie x


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