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Vacation & Internet Break

(I'm yawning as I write this...)

I'm taking a little vacation to work on some crafts, tidy up my inner space, and go to the ocean. I will be checking email periodically, but generally speaking the less I'm online, the more I can relax into the tangible world of art. I'm hoping to restock my shop considerably for the fall/winter season and get my Tickle Me Pig shop up and running (finally).

Wishing you all a couple of weeks of peace, art, and beauty! I'll be taking my camera with me everywhere I go, so expect some ocean pictures soon!

As always - Keep Smiling!



  1. Hope you continue to have a nice break. Taking time away is important.

  2. Enjoy your vacation! I've selected you to receive a One Lovely Blog award, please feel free to visit my blog for details!

    Debbie x


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