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Since I have a full-time job, I'm at work during all of the good daylight hours...leaving uncertain (and often rainy) weekend days as my only option for taking pictures.

After reading a tutorial about lightboxes in the Etsy forums, I tried my hand at making one. The weather is so fickle here, that you can never be sure when you'll have good light for photographing. After a lot of frustration and fidgeting with the camera, I think I finally have a decent set up. Linked with Picnik's photo-editing program, things are looking pretty good. Here's an example of my lightbox pictures:

I think my next trick is to get another light to have on the other side of the box to eliminate some of the shadows. I also think I need a bigger box - this one is a bit small and the light is pretty intense. For now, in a pinch, I can get decent pictures. I feel kind of ho-hum about them. It's a good start though.


  1. the photos look great! i'm thinking of making a light box for myself.

    do have have any tips or tricks that you may have come across while constructing yours?


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