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Studio Tour: Part 1

I love my art studio. For a long time it was our spare bedroom, but over the last few months or so it has been completely transformed into my art space. I feel badly for my husband, who doesn't have a lot of room to himself, but when we buy a house next year, we'll be sure he has a room for his hobby as well.

Since my studio is in the state of flux (aka: messy), I'm doing a studio tour a little at a time. I thought I'd show off my favorite shelf. This is above my desk and is a collection of some of my favorite things.

Let's take a closer look...

ACEO print of a lop-eared rabbit by Suzanne Le Good.

Three ceramic bunnies from Song and Branch Studio.

A random penguin and my favorite picture of me at 5 - taking a moment out of professional portraiture to pet a cat. One has to have priorities!

My family of skunks from Song and Branch Studio. of my favorite Etsy trades. This is the Moon Dancing Hares Theatre from Under the Stair Studios. I traded Kat for a Needle Felted Owl. Kat made all of it - the illustration, the printing, and the putting together. I just love it. The moon sways from a clear thread. *SIGH*

There are also some little doodads - glass birds and a family of glass Siamese cats - gifts from my office manager - who knows I love animals.

A little porcelain vessel made by my brother-in-law is filled with porcupine quills and whiskers. The Bird-in-Hand painting is my first EVER painting. It's acrylic on a canvas panel. I really like it. That's a real Monarch. A used furniture shop-keeper gave it to me when I saw it sitting on his desk. He said the butterfly literally flew into the shop, landed on his desk, and died. It's in lovely condition.

Two coffee-stained bird drawings by Michelle Palmer.
The bear carving was done by my great-grandfather - on a boat ride over from's one of my most beloved treasures.

And last, but not least, there's Cookie Puss sleeping on my backgrounds in my Pink Chair. He knows he's not supposed to be in there, but that doesn't stop him from going right back to sleep.

More soon...


  1. I really love your shelf display. Each item is so well chosen and with special meaning. Thanks for sharing!


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