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Rainy Weekend

It's Monday morning...and I'm awake...
But a little sleepy....

Okay....very sleepy.

The fields, the flowers, the vegetable gardens, the fish, the squirrels, the birds, the trees, and little lowly me rejoiced yesterday as it poured and poured. I sat in my studio in my favorite pink chair and needle felted. I didn't stab myself even once. My cats slept in their various "spots" and the rain pounded the windows. It was cold. It was dreary. I was blissfully peaceful. I enjoyed two cups of coffee (a rarity!) with maple syrup and real cream (an indulgence!) and put my feet up. I had blueberry muffins. We made butter beans and spinach with Hungarian smoked paprika and polenta for dinner. I couldn't have asked for a better or more wildly necessary Sunday.
I don't remember much of Saturday except that I took two pictures of my collection of sea glass (aka: beach glass) by the sunny studio window. I do love sea glass. I have jars and jars of it. I'm still searching for the ever-elusive violet or purple sea glass. Extremely rare. I will have a piece one day - I will!!! There are a few shards of beach pottery tucked in here as well. There's nothing sweeter or softer than pottery that's been tossed about in a ravaging ocean for a spell.

These collections were inspired by Margie Oomen's lovely collections over at Resurrection Fern (see my links).

I'm working on a shop update immediately following this post.


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