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New Village Farm

My husband's brother works on a delightful biodynamic farm in Shelburne, Vermont. It's called New Village Farm and we have a farm share/CSA with them. Periodically, we pick up sausage, raw milk, and eggs. When the veggies finally come up - we'll be happier than pigs in mud. Speaking of which....there are a LOT of animals on the farm. Let's meet them, shall we?

The chickens are free range. This one was running along the road...

We were greeted by his Majesty upon exiting the car. I told him if he attacked me, we'd have problems. He was a nice guy though.

Besides a million chickens, there are goats...

...smiling goats....

...goats behaving badly... goats...

...chickens...oh, wait - we already went over this. There are chickens EVERYWHERE!

And a beautiful horse that must endure the chickens running around everywhere. He'd just rolled around in some mud and needed a brushing. I loved him.

This Mama Hen is taking care of some foster chicks. The mom was eaten by a fisher cat.

The presence of foxes and fisher cats doesn't seem to bother the chickens. In every direction...chickens.

The farm is lovely. Here's Old Windy.

And some pigs - happier than...well, pigs in mud. This mud is so filled with clay and was so cool, they were just beside themselves with mucky glee. These two males are huge!

Things are growing...

...and growing...

...and some things are very still. I found this skull on a shelf in the tool shed.

And this broom almost blended in.

A pair of geese and their goslings in a field...

...and a bird on a wire...

And then it was time to go. We loaded the car up with chickens and drove home. No! But the chickens did want to drive around the farm with the windows down and the radio on. We said no and backed out VERY slowly. One of them had been pecking the tires. Free range chickens. Unbelievable. Their eggs are delicious though.


  1. LOVE this post! You make me smile... giggle... chickens driving around~ (laughed hard...)
    In all of that, a very perfect, bird on a wire.
    Your skunk is DEAR!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend~


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