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Lake Champlain

I left work early yesterday for a hypnotherapy appointment. I love hypnotherapy - the state of relaxation is like water trickling around the rocks of my conscious mind. Eventually, they are entirely submerged and I'm floating peacefully, able to access potent emotions and imagery. Yesterday, I confronted some anger in my throat in the form of a rooster. I enveloped the rooster in honey-yellow sunshine until it relaxed, and I felt my entire body just sink into bliss and trust. It sounds kind of silly to write it out like that, and I will write more about hypnotherapy someday, but needless to say, I was walking on sunshine when I left my appointment yesterday.

I usually go for a walk following my appointments, and the waterfront of Lake Champlain (where I live) is the perfect setting for a peaceful, zen mind. I noticed a lot of delightful colors and textures, and pulled out the camera - which I have thankfully been keeping with me at all times. I touched these up with Picnik to bring out the depth and richness of the colors.

An orange-hulled boat and the blue Adirondack Mountains in the background...

At the end of Perkin's Pier...

A submerged stick...

and a duck on a rock. All good things.

I'm working on a shop update to include two little test subjects - a Panda and a Kiwi bird. I call them "test subjects" because they're essentially maquettes for sculptures. I wanted to try out different ways of representing both creatures - because they're interesting and have very distinct characteristics. There are so many ways you could play up the features of a panda and a kiwi. This is my first attempt, and while I'm happy with the result, they weren't quite what I was going for. Someone will think they're cute (I do think they're ridiculously cute, by the way), and they will be specially priced in my shop ASAP.

Sneaky peak:


  1. I also believe in hypnotherapy. It must be a wonderful experience. Do you see anything from your past or forgotten memories?

    The photos that you took are awesome! You must be really happy that you're living in such a beautiful place, so open and blue, perfect for relaxing and getting inspired.

    I absolutely adore your new lovelies! The Kiwi Birdie is 100% CUTE!!! And the panda is adorable! I'm in LOVE your elephant too! Oh look at the little carpet on his back! Cutiiiiiiiiiie!!!!!

  2. *slaps face* omg a kiwi! a creature destined to be felted!


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