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Meet Stamps

A few years ago, when I was still new to needle felting, I decided to make my entire family a creature each for Christmas. I was stumped on what to make for my husband - as I wanted it to be a big surprise. I was browsing an Antiques store one day and saw this little brass stamp box. It's not much bigger than - you guessed it - a postage stamp.

I thought the box was lovely - but what could go in such a tiny box? Could I really felt something that small?


Meet Stamps! He's a very, very tiny elephant. And one of my earliest creations.

My husband opened the little tin and fell in love with his tiny new friend!

I mean - how could you not?

Even his little tush is adorable!

He's just a wisp of a thing.

I'm thinking about stealing him back!

The good news is, I found another one of these Stamps boxes on Ebay and I'm going to make another one. When the box arrived, it smelled pretty terribly of cigarette smoke, so I've been airing it out for about five months. It still smells and I'm wary about putting anything in it and selling it in my shop. I have to find an excellent cleaner!


  1. omg!!!! I might just faint from the cuteness! *drops dead*

    Also - you might try making a baking soda paste with water to soak the tin in - it gets the worst pit stains and odor from my hubbies t-shirts (ewwww!) :)

  2. Thank you!!!

    The baking soda paste is a great idea! I will definitely try it!

    Keep smiling.... :)

  3. Holy Mackeral!! I don't think you could get any cuter than that! And I LOVE how perfect "Stamps" is for an elephant name.


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