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Long Craft Weekend!

I feel like a balloon that's way too overfilled. I can't wait until this day ends and I'm in my art studio by the open window, feeling the breeze blow through the curtains as I needle felt darling little creatures.

I bought the most amazing wool last night. From a distance, it looks like a soft brown, but up close, you can see that each strand is a different color. Turquoise, magenta, marigold, red, pink, kelly green, blue, purple. When felted, it's almost like abalone shell; almost irridescent. I was wiggling my toes last night trying out a little piece. I made a unicorn horn. Which pretty much means the rest of the unicorn will follow as soon as I finish EVERYTHING ELSE I've already started. Ha!

I've started receiving positive feedback on my Etsy shop, and it makes me all warm and glowy inside. I love feedback. I love hearing that someone adores their new little friend. I actually miss some of the creatures I've sent out into the world and it's good to know they're being appreciated and adored. I feel like a proud Mama Bird.

I have an immense amount of non-craft-related work to do. I have to peel myself away from Etsy today and focus so I can have a truly freeing weekend of crafting.


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