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Little Stinkers!

I have to resist the urge to rub my hands together and cackle "THEY WILL BE MINE - OOH HA HA HA HA," but I have reserved a post-craft-fair present for myself in one of my favorite Etsy shops - Song and Branch Studio (

Karen is an amazing artist and I have a collection of animals from her that's well on its way to becoming a menagerie. I would have more if I could, but I've held back and have to be quite selective about what I buy. She makes amazing bowls, but with four (bad) cats, I have watched almost every piece of porcelain I've purchased get broken at one point or another - and I just can't do that to her work.

When I was a little girl, my father would set out several peanut butter sandwiches on the garbage barrels on the back deck. We'd watch from the windows as a HUGE mama skunk and her babies came up and ate them. They got fat pretty quickly that year and grew up to be playful, plump critters. Mollifying them with peanut butter sandwiches kept them out of the garbage. I loved watching them and I always wished I could have a pet skunk. These little guys will have to do.

AND - I promised to take pictures and I didn't. It's not for any other reason than I'm tired tired tired and when I got home last night I did a lot of staring at the wall and baby-talking to my siamese, and not very much else. My husband made me a mug of gingerhoneylemon tea and I nestled into that comfort and realized two things:

1. I will make as many Plumpies as I'm capable of making and it will be enough. They will be special and beautiful and people will buy them and it's okay if I have to buy a few bunches of daffodils to "fill out" my table.

2. Art is almost entirely inspiration for me and I need to tune into that and tune out the "shoulds" that are chanting in my brain.

Today is going to be a good day. I'm wearing purple. I'm smiling. The sun is shining. In May, I will have an amazing family of skunks. Life is good.


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