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A World of Color

My studio is exploding out into the living room and kitchen. After shipping all of my little friends out, I have packaging materials, cardboard boxes, bins of inventory, and raffia strewn all about everywhere. The cats are haywire with it all. The husband is, as always, patiently tolerating the mess. I think I need to reorganize my studio space to make it work for me. Right now, I love felting on a comfortable space (like a couch) with a table in front of me for holding everything. The only place to do that is the living room. So maybe it's time to reinvent my space to keep it contained.

In addition to replanning and redecorating my art space, I have many, many custom orders in the pipeline. I'm realizing very quickly the power of "no." It's going to be hard to turn away some people or give them a 4-6 week turn around, but that's the reality at the moment. My day job is now entering it's busiest time, right smack in the middle of my shop being recognized. Eek! I'm secretly thrilled. Hard work is good for me.

I did something silly...I signed up for a Spring Showcase Slot on Etsy. This will hopefully increase some traffic into my shop where tons of new Springesque inventory will be waiting. I'm beginning to work on those designs now in addition to the foxes, et. al. I'm going to have to soak my hands in Arnica oil by the time March has come and gone - but baby, it's worth it.


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