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From Paper to Wool

It's very rare that I draw something, color it in, and then proceed to make a Plumpy to resemble a sketch. I've never been an illustration-type person. However, the other night I was scribbling in my journal and drew an elephant. She had crown of flowers on her head and a very sweet face. Her colors were feminine and springy and I thought "Eh, cute picture!"

Last night I actually tried to make her out of wool. My creative process usually involves very little intent. I sit down with a handful of wool and a general idea and begin stabbing. Usually I let the wool take me on a little journey and some sort of creature results. It's a horse of a different color to work with intent. It takes a great deal of time to purposefully make something. I ran into this phenomenon while making foxes to fill custom requests in my Etsy shop. It turns out a fox takes about three hours to make when I'm trying to make it!

Anyway, here's Ellie. She's a work in progress, but the first creation I've ever done a sketch for ahead of time. I'm in love with her. I may not part with her, but we'll see.


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