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Empty Nest Syndrome?

I'm awed by how quickly some of my plumpy wool creatures have sold on Etsy. Some of my favorites are being shipped out tomorrow. Some are going to Argentina, and the UK, and California. Since each of these creatures takes many hours of work, I do develop a little bond with the finished piece. We sort of had a journey together, from beginning to end, and I poked my fingers a lot along the way and swore loudly. I'm so thrilled with the feedback and encouragement about my art. People seem to love the little duffers, and I'm honored to be sending them to good homes.

Today I listed a little penguin chick...and hopefully I can make use of some daylight soon to photograph and list another lion, an inchworm, a barn owl, and some more penguins in love...! I'm going to make some more foxes because they're just so much fun to make.

And lastly, in sadder news, one of the cats had a hairball all over my photography backgrounds. Two of my favorites are ruined, including the snowy scene (see below) I use for the penguins. I guess it's a good thing in the long run, because there just aren't snowy trees in Penguinland....time for some creative beginnings...


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