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Really, Really Close!

If anyone were reading this, I would say to them that I am so very close to posting all of my items on the etsy shop. I have been up to my elbows in art, but getting all the finishing touches done is very time consuming.


* I am buying a computer with my tax return, which means I will be mobile and able to sync my camera with a personal computer rather than work computer on my lunch break. Having accessibility to a computer at home will have a huge impact on my blogging and shopkeeping.

* In January I joined the Burlington City Arts Clay Studio. I have been making ceramic acorns, mythical beasts (0kay, animals that were supposed to look like real animals and don't), and an exciting surprise creature that will integrate clay and wool! I'm getting ready to bisque my pieces for the first time and then glaze them and watch the magical transformation of mud into art. I can't wait to post pictures! The cats are always trying to eat the clay at home, so I think I'll be spending a lot of time physically at the studio. Kind of a bummer because I love making art in my pajamas, but one has to make exceptions now and then.

* I have a full line of wool creatures ready to go! There are penguins in love, koala bears, foxes, pigs, polar bears, frogs, birds, whales, bees, manatees, and mermaids!

* I have a full collection of vintage pieces to list on etsy including a beautiful Russian brass tile with a stork done in enamel on it. I also found some fun glass birds, mid-century brass mice, and bakelite plastic boars that are cuter than buttons. Buttons aren't that cute, but you get the idea.


* My art is time consuming! While I hope that I sell all of my creations, keeping my shop stocked will be a Herculean effort. It has consumed almost all of my free time. I've become one of those people who always has a project in her hands. This is the life I want for myself, but I can see how being an artist is a full time job. Maybe someday I can quit my day job and be an artist full time - I'd even love to teach art part of the day...but for now, my humble beginnings must remain humble.


* I'm going to be adding an excercise regime to my day! This isn't art-related, but I'm happy about it nevertheless.
* I'm going to be expanding on the mermaid line I started. The mermaids are very popular and have wild curly hair. I think everyone wants to be a mermaid with wild curly hair.
* I'm going to venture into the world of sewing little creatures using vintage fabrics. I need some assistance in learning how to make patterns, but I would love to sew dolls and plush animals.

That's all I have for an update for now. No one is reading this anyway, but I like to hope one day someone will. It's good to keep track of the process. Pictures soon! I'm aiming for a mid-February opening date for the etsy shop....time to get busy(ier)!


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